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Delicious round pieces of candied ginger, with a very aromatic flavour, that is fresh, lemony and slightly spicy and peppery. This fresh and spicy taste is an ideal match for our chocolate.

Our juicy and succulent ginger comes from the Fiji Islands and is harvested for a set period each year and, as such, our gingembrettes are limited edition. The ginger is beautifully smothered in delicate dark Leonidas Belgian chocolate and is unquestionably the perfect match of ginger meeting chocolate.

Moreover, these summer delicacies, with warming, digestive benefits, are presented in a delightful gift box weighing 200g box, making a fitting accompaniment to that barbecue or garden party.  

Suitable for adults and kids alike, these delectable morsels, which can vary in size due to the irregular shape of ginger, are also gluten free, making them a great choice of gift for someone with specific dietary requirements. 

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